Automation Equipment



Auburn Industries has years of proven expertise with industrial skid production. We build heavy duty metal skids for inverted power and free systems, as well as overhead power carriers for overhead power and free systems, for the automotive industry. As experienced custom metal fabricators we have manufactured numerous equipment skids and can build skids to meet your unique requirements.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your specifications.



We have been manufacturing custom headers, hydraulic tanks, and hardware for almost three decades. We fabricate to meet the specifications of each customer. Because we manufacture headers for a variety of industries, our process is versatile, ensuring that each project meets our customers’ exacting standards. We have extensive tooling capabilities and experience with all metal pipe fitting. This means that we can fabricate just about any header type you can imagine.

We hydro test up to 6,500 lbs upon request.

Tooling & Fixtures

Tooling and Fixtures 2Tooling and Fixtures

Auburn Industries’ design and manufacturing capabilities for precision work holding fixtures is proven and precise. Whatever your requirements, we fabricate to meet your needs. All work holding fixtures are designed to meet customer specifications.

If you need a tool, we can build it.

All critical dimensions in work holding fixtures are verified for accuracy using state of the art laser tracking technology.