Practical decking solutions by Auburn Industries

Presenting the Auburn Decking series: effective, durable metal decking solutions built with non-skid surfaces for use in a variety of applications where worker access and contouring against irregularly shaped structures is required.

Originally developed for use in aircraft docks, the decking is now functioning in a number of other practical applications including: Theatrical Staging, Platforms, Stairs, Catwalks and Bleachers.

Auburn Industries slider decking

Universal or Slider Decking fabricated to suit individual project needs

Auburn Universal and Slider Decking are durable surfaces and are available in aluminum or steel. Both styles of decking come in Non-slip (dimpled) or Smooth (metal sprayed) and can also be fabricated with non-skid paint. The decking boasts an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and has a minimum amount of open area preventing tools and materials from falling through.

Built using standard fabricating and welding methods, Auburn Decking is easy to work with and can be quickly and effectively produced and delivered. Auburn Decking conforms to all applicable Uniform Building codes and OSHA standards.